brief / create graphics for the event Geek Girl Meetup 2016, to be applied on web site, eventbadges, stickers, posters and all other event information

client Geek Girl Meetup Stockholm

role / illustrator, designer, animator

We created the graphics in collaboration with STUDIOM of the event GEEK GIRL MEETUP 2016. Illustrations and posters were made in the spirit of the event theme Better ToGetHer. A way of showing that we can grow strong when we work together as a team.

The event took place at Tekniska Museet in Stockholm during a weekend where spokes persons were invited to hold lectures and workshops during the days.

Within the field of social entrepreneurship and social innovation there are strong female role models who works with business development, public welfare and start ups, with a focus on improvement.

During the Geek Girl Meetup 2016 – Better ToGetHer, the goal was to gather thoughts and idéas in order to move towards a world with a gender equality mindset.

The material were applied on posters, bags and badges, social media, web site and event screens.